Useful Tips For Taking Better Real Estate Photographs

High Quality Photos

It is no secret that high quality real estate listing photos can make a big difference when homebuyers search for property online. In fact, photos are often actually the deciding factor that can make or break a sale. Many experts in the industry recommend posting at least 10 to 15 photos as a way to generate the greatest number of leads. That said average photos simply will not do. High quality images that are carefully planned and professionally shot can make all the difference. Regardless of whether you are taking your own photographs or hiring a professional, here are some tips to consider.

Plan Your Shots Carefully

For example, sometimes getting the perfect photo may require moving furniture. whenever necessary, Move furniture to enjoy better angles or show a greater area of a given room. Keep in mind that furniture can be moved and then put back in order to get the best possible shot. Regardless of whether or not you decide to move furniture, do plan your shots carefully. Writing down ideas with regard to specific shots can help to make the entire process easier and more manageable. Simply jot down each individual room in the house and determine how many photos will be taken per room.

Avoid Wasting Space In Photographs

When making a list it is always a good idea to emphasize specific features in each room that will be the central focus of any photographs. As a reminder, most photography professionals will tell you to avoid taking shots of blank walls. Getting a shot of a floor, corner section or blank wall will serve no purpose in the multiple listings. Take the time to get good shots and avoid wasting space in photographs that could ultimately make a big difference in how quickly you sell your home. Equally important is to check each and every detail in all rooms prior to taking a shot.

Straight And Organized

For example, check that the toilet seat lids are down and that any clutter is removed from counters in the kitchen and bathroom. Also make sure that all drawers and cabinets are closed and that any TV or computer screens are turned off. Beds should be made and all pillows and blankets should be straight and organized. Finally, be aware that reflections can affect the quality of photographs. Check each photo as you take a shot and redo the photograph if reflections are present. Consider these simple yet important tips as a way to take excellent Oak Harbor real estate photographs. You may find that you end up selling your Oak Harbor home faster and at a greater profit.