Useful Tips For Taking Better Real Estate Photographs

High Quality Photos

It is no secret that high quality real estate listing photos can make a big difference when homebuyers search for property online. In fact, photos are often actually the deciding factor that can make or break a sale. Many experts in the industry recommend posting at least 10 to 15 photos as a way to generate the greatest number of leads. That said average photos simply will not do. High quality images that are carefully planned and professionally shot can make all the difference. Regardless of whether you are taking your own photographs or hiring a professional, here are some tips to consider.

Plan Your Shots Carefully

For example, sometimes getting the perfect photo may require moving furniture. whenever necessary, Move furniture to enjoy better angles or show a greater area of a given room. Keep in mind that furniture can be moved and then put back in order to get the best possible shot. Regardless of whether or not you decide to move furniture, do plan your shots carefully. Writing down ideas with regard to specific shots can help to make the entire process easier and more manageable. Simply jot down each individual room in the house and determine how many photos will be taken per room.

Avoid Wasting Space In Photographs

When making a list it is always a good idea to emphasize specific features in each room that will be the central focus of any photographs. As a reminder, most photography professionals will tell you to avoid taking shots of blank walls. Getting a shot of a floor, corner section or blank wall will serve no purpose in the multiple listings. Take the time to get good shots and avoid wasting space in photographs that could ultimately make a big difference in how quickly you sell your home. Equally important is to check each and every detail in all rooms prior to taking a shot.

Straight And Organized

For example, check that the toilet seat lids are down and that any clutter is removed from counters in the kitchen and bathroom. Also make sure that all drawers and cabinets are closed and that any TV or computer screens are turned off. Beds should be made and all pillows and blankets should be straight and organized. Finally, be aware that reflections can affect the quality of photographs. Check each photo as you take a shot and redo the photograph if reflections are present. Consider these simple yet important tips as a way to take excellent Oak Harbor real estate photographs. You may find that you end up selling your Oak Harbor home faster and at a greater profit.

So You Want To Sell Your Home Quickly?

Stellar Hot Market

Well, the good news is that you can indeed sell your home fast by just following a few basic and straightforward tricks of the trade. While the general misconception is that by simply lowering the price you will sell your house faster, there are other ways to accomplish the same goal without sacrificing profit. Even in a less than stellar or hot market it is quite possible to sell your home quickly. Let's take a look at some examples of ways to sell your home in a faster and more efficient way.

Appeal To The Widest Audience Possible

For example, being different than the neighbors is one of the best ways to make your home stand out when selling. Sprucing up landscaping or adding high-grade windows and even perhaps installing a new roof will set your home apart. When doing interior upgrades always choose colors and designs that are intended to appeal to the widest audience possible. As a note of caution, it is important to never over-capitalize when improving your home in preparation for sale.

Home Improvement Investment Dollars

Try to strike a balance between cost and the finished result when looking to increase home value and making a property more sale worthy. A little bit of research can go a long way in making sure that your home improvement investment dollars are spent in the most beneficial way possible. Getting it right when it comes to curb appeal is equally as important. Curb appeal is crucial to "selling success" in that the first thing buyers see is the home's external appearance. Focus on improving curb appeal as a way to put your home on the fast track to a more successful sale.

A House That Is Turn-key

Another great way to entice buyers and to expedite a sale is to ensure that the home you are selling is perceived to be in move-in condition. Everything from appliances to doors and plumbing as well as electrical systems should be in compliance and meet with current building codes. These things should be in working order and clean, giving potential buyers the feeling that very little effort, cost or work will be required when settling in to the home that they are about to purchase. Knowing that everything is done and that a house is turn-key can be crucial in securing a fast sale. Talk with your Oak Harbor realtor today if you are considering selling a Whidbey Island home.